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altBardejov is an economic a cultural center of the Upper Saris Region with more than 33. 000 inhabitants. It was founded on the important trade route leading to the north into Poland.
The first written mention of Bardejov is from 1241. In the Middle Ages it was a royal town with significant privileges and one of the most prestigious towns of Hungary. The town has a unique well-preserved complex of the historical centre and urban fortification system
which offers to present visitors of Bardejov the integrated idea of a medieval fortificated town.



To the most valuable monuments of Bardejov belongs without disputate the gothic Church of Saint Giles (Egidius) which was promoted to Basilica Minor in 2001 by the Pope John Paul II. It was built in the second half of the 14th century and rebuilt in the 15th century. With its preserved collection of 11 wooden winged altars it represents the finest gothic interior in central Europe.

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The second most admired building is the gothic-renaissance Town Hall erected in 1505-1509.
It is an extraordinary work of art of greater than regional importance, a display of spiritual and artistic connections to the most progressive European thinking of its time.

An effort at preserving the herritage of Bardejov was awarded with the European Prize – Gold Medal, in 1986 by the International Curatory of  UNESCO´S ICOMOS Foundation. Following this award, in 2000, the town was placed on the list of towns that represent a treasure of European culture.

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The picture of the Bardejov area is completed by Bardejov Spa. The Bardejov mineral springs were recorded in documents of the Middle Ages, the earliest being from the King Bela IV in 1247. In 1809, the Austrian Princess Maria Luisa, the wife-to-be of Napoleon Bonaparte, took treatments here and in May of 1821, the Russian Czar Alexander I also stopped at the Spa.
A sharp increase in visting the Spa could be attributed in part to the fact that the Austrian Empress Elizabeth took treatments at the Spa in July 1895.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, Bardejov Spa was among the best-known and best-equipped spas in Hungary.

At present the modernized spa are specialized in disorders of the digestive system, diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. It also focuses on states post stomach surgery and other patients.




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